Wicked Hungry

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Teddy Jacobs By Teddy Jacobs Completed
Stanley Hoff has it hard. His overprotective mom thinks she's a witch who can see people's auras; Stanley himself is getting hairier by the minute, his teeth ache, and the moon above him makes him want to howl and growl.

But things are not going to get any easier.

After a confrontation with a high school bully brings unwanted fame, Stanley's childhood crush Meredith invites him to her Halloween party. Which would be more than fine, except his friend Karen has broken up with her boyfriend and wants to be more than friends. But when Karen turns allergic to sunlight, Stanley has to ask himself, is Karen interested in Stanley as a boyfriend, or as... food?
That's a thing? This is the first I've read and I've been on wattpad for like two years
YASS NEW ENGLAND!!1! *realizes everyone but new englanders hate new englanders* *backs away quietly*
oh that's nice you like to stare at the moon at night? I like to stare at wattpad at night.
They are like boys if you play hard to get they are all over you but if you are clingy and stuff they are meanies
Another on of these stories with the athlete with an injury kind of story.....Not complaining! I love this story so far
How has no one commented on this. I mean personally I would find it creepy if someone just showed up on my front door wanting to talk about their boyfriend. No matter how friendly we were.