Wicked Hungry

Stanley Hoff has it hard. His overprotective mom thinks she's a witch who can see people's auras; Stanley himself is getting hairier by the minute, his teeth ache, and the moon above him makes him want to howl and growl. But things are not going to get any easier. After a confrontation with a high school bully brings unwanted fame, Stanley's childhood crush Meredith invites him to her Halloween party. Which would be more than fine, except his friend Karen has broken up with her boyfriend and wants to be more than friends. But when Karen turns allergic to sunlight, Stanley has to ask himself, is Karen interested in Stanley as a boyfriend, or as... food?
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Hey you know if tomorrow is his birthday she thinks she's a bomb alright toodles
Awesome book I hope I might be that good at writing im not sure my books any good
@selinading23 you wanna see my school? lol we are Hogwarts lol. well...were going to be. We think it anyway.
My cats  a jerk with that but if your mad and wan to be alone they are always there to make you
Lol I'm actually attending Hogwarts. I'm not kidding. I got accepted into the online school of hogwartd
Hold up what? His parents let's them go to Japan for a camp? MINE WONT EVEN LET ME GO TO FLIPPING ITALY FOR A SPRING BREAK TRIP

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