Keep it Cute and Petite (Completed and Slowly being edited)

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Lilli By RetroRadio Completed
Sophia Brooks is a young Californian girl. When her parents and aunt are killed the only family she has left is her caring brother. Sophia wills herself to move to Virginia with her broken heart both of the death of the last of her family, the betrayal of her first love, and what happened at THE INCIDENT. Sophia keeps her Californian self inside and becomes a nobody at her new school. When she just happens to bump into the schools most popular guy Blake Wyatt and he gives her a transformation back to her Californian self she breaks out of her shell. What happens when Blake tries to build a relationship with her? Will she open up to him or will she keep her promise of never loving again?
Really liked the first chapter but there are some minor errors that need to be sorted out.
This story is very confusing and I can't follow anything that is happening.
@Retr0Radi0 thank you! She looks like the perfect person to play the main character for a story I'm planning on. Thank you so much!!!
Who's the brunette? I would love to know who she is! 
                                    The story is great besides to occassional grammar and spelling mistakes. But hey! We're only human, so all is good! I make a lot of mistakes myself! haha! I'm loving it so far!
@Retr0Radi0 -  Even though there were some mistakes this was quite the fine plot. I like it. Hoping for next chapter to come.
By the way I love Connor Maynard<3 His vioce is really cute anways lol