What Do You Mean He's My Brother?!

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Rosemarie Poulston has always lived with her Aunt Beth and never knew her real parents. Now eighteen years later, her Mom wants her back. Then, turns out her brother is the Louis Tomlinson. Yup, that's right, from One Direction, the band that she hates! Worst of all, she hates Louis Tomlinson the most and now he's actually her older brother?

*Warning: weird carrot book*
@AmeeraSalman yes it is very happy that I stuck up for him SMILE I COMMAND U :) :) :)
@NaviMoir does she keeep on hitting you? Please tell me that no
^ I thought that said boobs and I was like tf? Then I realized it said boots and I was like ohh lmao
I would of looked at her like no bitćh it's ( that one p name )
No offense but why the hell would they be there if she was meeting her family for the first time? I love the boys v v much but seriously?
Lol I just realized that these are the characters from the other book cause I'm just special and yeah I'm not even gonna try anymore cause I'm stupid