What Do You Mean He's My Brother?!

Rosemarie Poulston has always lived with her Aunt Beth and never knew her real parents. Now eighteen years later, her Mom wants her back. Then, turns out her brother is the Louis Tomlinson. Yup, that's right, from One Direction, the band that she hates! Worst of all, she hates Louis Tomlinson the most and now he's actually her older brother? *Warning: weird carrot book*
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When I was ten I asked for a for real dog so my mom got me a furreal dog it was creepy it moved so I took out the batteries and tossed it in my closet
When I was 10 and I asked my mom for a phone she gave me a candy phone for my birthday.  I don't think she got what I was talking about.
Lol when I was little I wanted a cat… my parents bought me a stuffed cat. I still have it. Aah memories! :)
Her mom wants her back and then leaves her with her brother so he can take care of her, because that's why she wanted her in the first place. Lol
My middle name is Rosemarie!! That is what I go by, that or Rose/ Marie!! How cool
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just finished reading it... And I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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