Or I'll Kill You

Maeve is a werewolf. Shes headstrong, stubborn, and outspoken. How is it possible that every guy she meets falls in love with her? Well of course it's because she's beautiful with stunning good looks. This doesn't settle with her mate, Jesse, who is overprotective and jealous. Things get worse though when a new wolf comes to the pack and claims Maeve as his, and when a vampire threatens to rip their family a part. Is Maeve strong enough to make desicions for the well being of her pack? And why is Jesse more jealous then he's ever been before? And who the heck does this new guy think he is? None of that matters though when the vampire puts Maeve's family in danger.....when the vampire puts her mate in danger.
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haha thanks.... appreciate that...... lol kk ill read it... btw I love your books CheeseHead and LaurenakaAwesome 
Very good! Your detailed events characters and descriptions are what brings your story to life. :D
I LOVE werewolve stories.. and you are veryyyy good at writing.
I'm lovin' all the details:) I likeey it!
don't stop writing this story pleasee! 
EIGHT THUMBS UP!!!! (okay, maybe two, but thats just because I only have two thumbs; gawd!)

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