The Good Kind of Bad

Excitement and danger come at a price. Ms Clarke is rich, bored, and in desperate need of more. Abandoning her humdrum fiancé at the altar, she marries enigmatic stranger Joe Petrozzi on the rebound, though it turns out Joe has secrets, secrets he’ll do anything to keep hidden. The whirlwind romance is already spinning out of control; a dirty cop, a police cover-up, lies, mistrust and the mysterious Victor all thrown in for good measure as she searches for The Good Kind of Bad in this Neo-Noir thriller.
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This is REALLY good! can you please check my book 'the clock ticks one' it would mean a lot its a work in process though
OMG. This sounds amazing. I have one which is eerily similar, though not up on here. Adore the cover, too. Can't wait to get into this x
This was the most amazing book I have ever read. I read all the time and I'm a huge lover of all the twists in the story. You're an amazing writer!
I lov this book could u please check out my book  'my demon his fairy' it would mean a lot to me
Plot seems exciting! It's the first thriller/mystery story I'm trying hopefully your story will blow my mind and make me a mystery fan haha
This is a sick intro:) sounds good ! please check out my book, not a good as yours by a half but pleases do

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