Can't Take It Anymore

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Princess By xoxo_lolo Updated a year ago
4 boys, 4 different problems. Each suffering in silence. Each reaching their breaking point. © 2012
This is how I'm feeling right now. I just throw on a fake smile and.. Get pushed out the crowd
omg i cried during the second page. Who knew people could such bastard
What if you seen some swimming trunks and a girls t-shirt would you still put that on
OMG but Craig , Rayan and Chresanto are so rude to Jacob... Poor Jacob but he sexy thou
Wow...pure talent! Im in love with this story! Those guys are sooo mean i just want to kick some ass!
god put ery one on dis earth for a reason boo boo... if you were in my school, we would TOTALLY be dating cuz... like... ur sexy.. lol! but i still like ray ray ALOT...