Stopper: The Ultimate Timers Series

Mercy Bay. Everyone sees her as a normal girl that attends school at Anne Walker High School and experiences nothing but the normal events that teens do. But really she is not normal. Her and her family carries an ability that involves a unknown council that people don't know, a special defense team, and other groups with different abilities. Mercy never seen other people with an ability similar to her's. So she lives on a down low. A mysterious new student comes to school and catches Mercy's attention. Could he be part of the "other groups"?... Will it be dangerous or safe? Can he be trusted?
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Adding this to my "Read Later" I've never actually done that to someone who asked me to read what they wrote. You've done well ;)
Really cool. That stopper thingy? I find it really cool. But this chapter is short. Good luck with the story! :)
If only it could be that easy to fool a teacher when passing notes, lol. Great job with this!
This was a really playful style of writing that was easy and fun to read, well done and voted!
This is a fresh new plot and I enjoyed it's development through this first introduction. I found it a bit comical as well, so kudos! :)
@WannabeAuthor14 There are honestly heaps more but I don't exactly have the time to point out every error as I'm at school.

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