For vampire lovers.

“Dance with me,” Anton requested, voice husky with yearning, eyes wide and imploring. 
The monster was not in his eyes. They were calm, considerate and entirely for her. 

It was Ruby's idea for her and her sisters to go grave robbing and save their father from the wrath of his creditors. She knew it wouldn't be a pleasant experience to steal from a corpse but what happens when they unearth more than they bargained for? Ruby's blood unleashes a darkness, one that claims to love her, one that threatens to consume her, one she must fight with every heartbeat.
_FredNed_ _FredNed_ 7 days ago
I mean who wouldn't its an amazing story and very descriptive
Shiva1498 Shiva1498 3 months ago
Some of ur chapters give me the creeps but I think that's what makes me love them more
Beanswers Beanswers 3 months ago
The description of the small details are what make it amazing.
BlahBlahMule BlahBlahMule 11 months ago
I'm so glad that someone picked Tom Hiddleston, finally. I love him!!!! I'm only 13 but I mean he's gorgeous. He's my second favorite actor out of three. I love him!!!
CaloriePlane CaloriePlane 11 months ago
Sid someone say weeping angels? Ok everyone stay calm and DONT BLINK.
silentvoiceshout silentvoiceshout a year ago
♥ur descriptions.. makes it easier to visualize it exactly as u have imagined it  :)