If It Doesn't Kill You

Assumption: Dianna Moreau and Ariel Richards are two average teen girls. WRONG. Dianna is an expert in the art of deduction. Call her Nancy Drew, or perhaps Sherlock Holmes, if you will. Ariel is an expert violinist and Dianna's unlikely partner. Her partner in crime solving. A mysterious chain of polished, careful crimes are being committed throughout New York City. The only trail the culprit leaves is one of murder and theft. Nobody can find a clue. That is, until Dianna and Ariel visit the crime scene. But, really, if the police can't figure out who the heck is doing all this, can two sixteen year old girls? Maybe. . .if they follow one guideline: If it doesn't kill you. . .do it.
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You really should put a scene separator (idk what it's called, it's something like "****"). Sometimes I get confused
I loved it when the brothers were singing CALL ME MAYBE! I heard the song once and I cannot imagine two little guys singing it :D
Good start! I really like how you've written this! I can almost imagine this as a crime tv show!
Diana seems to be a very interesting and confident character.
Love the description, and the story flowed pretty nicely :)
I love your use of Ecclesiastes :)  I also really appreciate 'clean' writing.  Thank you for sticking to your morals and being true to your faith.
It reminds me a bit of Nancy Drew :)  It's written in a very unique style that I find myself liking more and more as I read.

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