Don't hate the player hate the Game

Zonnique Miller is at the bottom of the high school food chain. The popular kids always have something rude to say to her, especially Raquan Smith. Zonnique just wants to get through senior year as fast as possible without any drama. Raquan is a big player, he’s captain of the basketball team, always has groupies chasing after him, but he doesn’t mind. Then they get partnered for an year long English project, to get know each other. Zonnique really isn’t the kind of girl Raquan looks for, but if she’s selling he’ll buy it. Too bad Zonnique isn’t putting out. But, Zonnque soon learns Raquan’s secrets and he finds out her’s. Will this project lead them to something more than a newly found friendship?
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OH...and if he knows she can't stand up to herself...he should INSTEAD HELP HER to do that

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