Borra Fanfic: Even Boulders Can Break

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TKCassidy By TKCassidy Completed
A short fanfiction concerning my take on Bolin's feelings after Endgame

Pabu knows what I'm talkin' bout. I'm talkin' bout REAL love.
TheBigFanficWriter TheBigFanficWriter 9 months ago
Makorra and Boleska broke up! THERE'S STILL HOPE FOR BORRA! :D
aftermaths aftermaths 2 years ago
@TKCassidy when's the second season coming?? I mean, nothing is as good as the original series (I love Sokka!) but I wanna see season 2. It's called Spirits. Seems interesting enough :D
aftermaths aftermaths 2 years ago
OMG this was amazing! And Bolin, I love him so much! I mean, Mako is cool, but Bolin and Korra should've been together! Pretty please update?
WhyFirefliesFlash WhyFirefliesFlash 2 years ago
my feels... my feels... My precious borra babies... My feels.. Oh Gawdddd *starts slowly hyperventilating*
Pigtailsx Pigtailsx 3 years ago
*crawls into fetal position* All the Borra feels :c
go away Mako, shoo! D':