Borra Fanfic: Even Boulders Can Break

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Tea Cake By TKCassidy Completed
A short fanfiction concerning my take on Bolin's feelings after Endgame
    Pabu knows what I'm talkin' bout. I'm talkin' bout REAL love.
Makorra and Boleska broke up! THERE'S STILL HOPE FOR BORRA! :D
@TKCassidy when's the second season coming?? I mean, nothing is as good as the original series (I love Sokka!) but I wanna see season 2. It's called Spirits. Seems interesting enough :D
OMG this was amazing! And Bolin, I love him so much! I mean, Mako is cool, but Bolin and Korra should've been together! Pretty please update?
my feels... my feels... My precious borra babies... My feels.. Oh Gawdddd *starts slowly hyperventilating*
*crawls into fetal position* All the Borra feels :c
                                    go away Mako, shoo! D':