Rising Sunsets

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David G Fernandez By DHCermeno Completed
Rising Sunsets is an enlightening journey through the mind of David Fletcher, a bright and ambitious young man who is determined to conquer the world and prove his unsupportive father wrong.  When reality strikes and nothing works out as expected, an unusual opportunity to go to Japan to teach English to schoolchildren presents itself. There, he discovers his true self and finds an inner strength and independence he never knew existed. Throughout the story, David uncovers Japanese culture and easily embraces the traditions until suddenly, those age-old beliefs stand in the way of his happiness.  And, through an unexpected encounter with love, the course of his life is changed forever.
My mom said that most japanese are uncomfortable around foreigners. So yeah.-.-
A beautiful story and one that I had to keep reading to see what the next chapter would bring.  I did not want it to finish.
I sadly have to say, I cried for hours at the end, I will get you Yamaguchi-San. Please write a sequel...
was touched by the begining of the book. Kife is never the same as ur imagination, but u can always enjoy the journey.
I love this! Im so inspired by you and would be honored if you read my story, The One That got Away. 
                                    It would mean the world to me :)
                                    Thank you for your time!
Was it because he leaned on his arm on the dining table? Haha.