Detention {based on Detention 2012 movie}

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complex_angel By complex_angel Updated a year ago
Riley Jones is a social outcast with a relatively popular friend, which confuses everyone. No one understands why Clapton Davis, the high school 'it guy' is friends with a suicidal freak, not even Riley understands. The last year of school is nearly finished and prom night is in a few days. But will there be a prom when a mysterious murderer starts to kill the student body? Can a bunch of students work together to find the mysterious killer that hunts on the seniors and stay alive? Will Riley ever have the courage to speak of her love for Clapton before it's too late?
MariahE3Angels MariahE3Angels 11 months ago
I haven't seen the movie yet either but I'm excited to read this!:D
Eternal_Snow_59 Eternal_Snow_59 2 years ago
Please please please please update I really want to read more I seriously can't find any more stories about this movie and I really like your story so could you please please please please update!
This is one of the best movies in existence and its good that ur turning it into a book! ;)
twiggystick twiggystick 2 years ago
Omg please rlwrite more im obsessed with clapton davies and i love your story
HickPistol HickPistol 2 years ago
dude! dont u know i have been wanting to read a detention story here on wattpad?!?! YOU SAVED MY LIFE
Kagome4567 Kagome4567 2 years ago