Game On, Horan (Niall Horan Love Story)

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veronica By NiallerTime Updated 4 months ago
He broke the promise that would’ve kept our friendship together. No calls, texts, facetimes, or any signs of communication while he was off at X Factor. So what happens when Niall comes back and expects to be treated the same? Well, what happens is the exact opposite of what he was thinking. I simply ignored his sorry ass- I mean butt.  But me being the considerate person I am, gave Niall one more chance at being my friend. Prank War. The prize for the winner is simple, but can change everything in a heartbeat. If I win, I choose where our friendship stands. If Niall wins, he chooses where our friendship stands.  So I have one last thing to say to you Niall, before the war begins. Game On, Horan.
I'm a tomboy to boys, but when I'm with my friends they all know that I'm a weirdo obsessed with magcon 1d 5sos and I HATE Madison beer. I don't really care if they ever fans hate on me but what ever. why tf am I telling my life story okay bye
Why you gotta be so ruuuuude don't you know I'm your friend!
I love their music its but something in them that I'm not fond of
i need a guy friend who understands periods #bestfriendgoals
you just dont do that to a girl. you messed up greenie, you messed up
You shouldn't say that just because you don't like her music. I'm not a fan of Taylor swift, but I don't hate her.