Game On, Horan (Niall Horan Love Story)

He broke the promise that would’ve kept our friendship together. No calls, texts, facetimes, or any signs of communication while he was off at X Factor. So what happens when Niall comes back and expects to be treated the same? Well, what happens is the exact opposite of what he was thinking. I simply ignored his sorry ass- I mean butt. But me being the considerate person I am, gave Niall one more chance at being my friend. Prank War. The prize for the winner is simple, but can change everything in a heartbeat. If I win, I choose where our friendship stands. If Niall wins, he chooses where our friendship stands. So I have one last thing to say to you Niall, before the war begins. Game On, Horan.
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I can just imagine her with an annoyed face
Picking up a softball
And throwing it over head to some girl
No offense to Swifties but I just HATE Taylor all she writes r about boys and some cover up songs so haters do not say she writes all about boys
ratchet ass hoe I don't fuck around you fuck with my man I'll burn your house down ew bitch ya stank...... I had to!!
Yes the one where your moms like I'll have talk with you later or the murderous look
I hate to hang with girls I hang out with guys and there always wondering why I hang out with them  and I'm they are Drama free.
I remembered when management wanted niall on the next album just to play guitar and I was crying for hours because he doesn't deserved it . .

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