Ascension is an acrostic poem dealing with the concept of gaining spiritual knowledge.
EyesOfRain EyesOfRain 2 years ago
Whew! This one is heavy. It kind of blows some of my personal attributes to pieces. Your thoughts concerning Spiritual Enlightenment give me something to ponder. Excellent write, as always!
Fox-Trot-9 Fox-Trot-9 3 years ago
Before you conquer life, one must ascend; before ascension, one must overcome; and in order to overcome, one must understand... Now that is an awesome mantra to live by... ( ^_^ ) *voted*
SleeplessInChicago SleeplessInChicago 3 years ago

The quest for understanding in this very complex topic...
knightwriter knightwriter 3 years ago
@CottonJones ah, the Ascended Masters and the sixth initiation --heavy duty stuff--thanks for the explanation--not familiar to most earthly grounded types like me.  ~)K
books1 books1 3 years ago
@CottonJones Saw the title and author and thought how can this not ba amazing, and man, I was not disappointed!! Thanks for sharing.
grapher grapher 3 years ago