God's Will Blood Line

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C.S. Lewis once said there are two extremes which humanity is divided on regarding the devil.  The first is to become overly concerned with is influence, and the other is to make him into a myth.  For a group of strangers, lead by Gabriel and Othia, the devil's disguises are about to be ripped away.  
When Othia discovers prophesies among excavated mosaics in Afghanistan and Gabriel's friend Naheen shares his vision from God, both know their lives are about to change.  As evil accelerates its influence, the pair's paths cross, and they are pulled into a  war that very few even know exists.
Gabriel and his comrades must band together to face the horrors that lurk in the depths of the darkness.  The insurmountable enemy; powerful and ruthless, believe their corruption of humankind will lead to the fall of heaven.  
Throughout history humanity has stood side by side with angelic warriors twelve times.  Now on the frontlines of the war for heaven, Gabriel and the thirteenth generation of saints are brought together to stem the tide of darkness.  Together they will become leaders, make sacrifices, and protect humanity's promised land or witness the destruction of the very fabric of creation in God's Will.
I'm an atheist, but the thought of the devil scares the living shït out of me
This is just a chapter that makes everything so creepy and the same time action packed! Bring up the good work!
this is gonna be freaking awesome. cant wait to start to read and so excited :)!
who is surly faith in god.. What are they losing?
who is suspecting in him.. What are they finding??
nice quote
Yeah but there needs to be good and evil, the devil is known as a fallen angel. Yin and yang R like god and the devil, yin is (I think) a negative form and yang is a positive form. And thanks
god didnt make the devil to be the devil. The peace was until he rebelled. and **christian