Have Me

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AntonineStrike By AntonineStrike Updated 2 years ago
Bella was not Edward's mate at all. But Carlisle's. Alice knows this. Since before Bella was born.
JohannaSmith2 JohannaSmith2 3 months ago
I love this story. what happens next. I can't wait to find out!! :)
savannadouvier savannadouvier 8 months ago
@AntonineStrike hey I have a question could u please fiw ur mistakes stuff like that really bothers me I hate to be one of these people saying stuff like this so yell scream and smack me all u want because I deserve all of it
nickelbackamazing nickelbackamazing 3 years ago
ook you like need to continue this story whatt happens  next what happens to everyone you so need to post more
ChrisVassy ChrisVassy 3 years ago
You need to continue this...want to know what happens to Esme now. And all the others....does she find another mate??
lizzielizzie lizzielizzie 4 years ago
aw that is sweet upload if there's anything left to write!!!!!!!!!!!!<333