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Please read my first story!!! This is about Reika Yuzuki a popular, intelligent, beautiful and timid student that afraid to open up with other people because of CERTAIN REASONS and Ryo Shinichi also a popular student that describe as a handsome, cool, tough, mature guy by the female students in the campus, but the truth he is a......... what will happen with this two??? please read,review/comment. vote my story.... thanks :) I accept criticisms,but please don't be too harsh with your words... thanks :D READ!!READ!!REVIEW!!REVIEW!!COMMENT!!COMMENT!!VOTE!!VOTE!!
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yeheyy !!! Arigatou Gozaimasu ! ^____________^V

ALL HAIL !!!! \(^0^)/
Miss.Author ! ^_______^V

Thanks for dedicating the second chapter to me ^_____________^

I really appreciate it :3
WOw page 3 is the coolest talagang sikat ung TOP FLOOR eh xD hahahah xD jokes lng po ! xD
@cynical_cupid08 Hahaha xDD uu nga xDD All hail Otaku hahah xD ANime lovers xD aus! <3
@cynical_cupid08 wahhh!I Love you already pareho talaga tayo dre~ at wag ka na mag "po" kasi mas matanda ka sakin :3 or mag kasing age lang xD
@cynical_cupid08 grabeee >w< Magkakasundo tayo nito!ilan ung pictures mo and folder? :O

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