A Wrong Turn Into Yesterday

**Completed** Out of a stadium filled with 50,000 screaming girls why did he have to single out the one person that really couldn't care less. Corey Santaski, the millionaire goregous popstar, chooses Pamela Adams and her sister Jasmine to go backstage after his concert... Jase is about to hyperventilate... Pam on the other hand, is more worried that she left her hair straightner on at home, then the fact that she is living every girls dream.
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Sh*t dude he probably got the wrong idea he probably thought you were freaking out over him
I'm not allowed to swear (I do it anyways just not in front of any family whatsoever) and I swore in front of my parents and they laughed...
Wow. Just. Wow. You remember it bc him? xD I thought u were freaking out bc him 
Wew. Of all the things you could notice, it would be his pimple..

Maybe the pimple's his pet, or his bae 
Rotfl. Rotfl. Well. Not really bc i'm in a car and if i tried to i'd probably hit my head or fall out of the car... (^.^#)
Great idea with the take on the pop-star and normal girl romance story. 5 out of 5 masks. Tweeted @missmask4726

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