The world exists in multiple dimensions, and somehow we've managed to travel into an overlapping dimension that brings mankind closer to solving the unknown. Purgatory is a world-wide operation funded by each country to protect humanity from the disasters that inhabit the overlapping dimension, but they do so at a great cost. No one in Purgatory chooses to be there, but everyone in Purgatory is there for a reason. Helena never cared for the life she had until it was taken from her. With the drive to get her life back, she works her way through the ranks of Purgatory, only to delve deeper into the twisted nature of the program, and uncovers secrets that could cost her life or be used as leverage. In this new and unfamiliar realm, will Helena be able to find what she is searching for?
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Hmm...makes me think that this society tends to be more sexist towards guys than girls. Interesting.
Maybe you should add some multimedia? It may increase the amount of readers and help create a clear image in your head...
To start,

It was amazingly written, with great tecnique and brillient use of details and descriptions throughout! Loving it!
I love your word choice ('exhuberant', 'figment of my imagination', 'assortment') voted!
I. Wuv. Dis.
Seriously, I loved it! Your description is fantastic! I love the beginning, and your flow and style is excpetional. Onto chapter 2!

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