The Only Hope (A Captain America Fan Fiction)

Grace Jones is the one of the best journalists of New York City. Fearless, carefree in any way, she didn't want anyone -- including Sean Ross, get in her way. Even though, she was still trying to get away from her harsh past, she decides to stay clear. Until, Steve Rogers appeared in her life, she is mysteriously drawn to him, not knowing why. He just might be the only hope for her. ** Disclaimer - I don't own Captain America or any Marvel character appearances, Grace Jones and many others are owned by K. Grant. **
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I'm like super excited about this fanfic! It's going to be so good and I'm already intrigued by the first chapter, great job!
I haven't tried reading this type of fanfic before but I love Captain America. And you're trailer totally got me. I think this is going to very interesting. :3
AHH I saw this and I was like...captain America! Chris Evans!!! I can't wait to start reading this lol
I've read the entire story, and I have to say that you're just an amazing author! <3
WTF Sean he is like some crazy stalker dude who goes to graces house just to brag I mean does that
whaaat this is completed already? I need to catch up on this story & start from the begining! :D

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