Finding Love in a Coffee Shop

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XxSkater2Girl16xX By XxSkater2Girl16xX Completed
Katie Holmes is a caffiene addict. Between college, and taking care of her brother, it's acceptable. Though, it doesn't help that the cafe down the street is full of handsome baristas, including one William Cerak in particular who has a mysterious scar on his wrist. 

There's some danger and romance and humor and a greek guy, but I'm too lazy to come up with an interesting whatever-this-thing-is-called at the moment lol. And no, it's not a gang novel. Something akin... but no gang wars or anything. That's all to A Proscriptive Relationship.
I'm so freakin done with this book. I thought Sherlock was a baby and I was like aw he's gonna grow up without a mom but no. Just freakin no. He's a cat.
bro... i literally fangirld so hard i almost fell out of my bed when i saw the you put jensen jared and misha.... it's 2 late im dead XD
Lol for just a second there I was expecting her name to be Zoey...
when I watched the movie, my sister screamed and said something and the whole theater started laughing.  she's is such a scary cat
I can imagine her as Kat Graham and him as Kendrick Sampson.
My mouth is also a black hole. I take one slice and then it's gone the next second.