Not Just A Game (Larry Stylinson)

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_WellHello1D By _WellHello1D Updated 2 years ago
Truth or Dare: Harmless game right? Well... Not until Zayn Malik, 1/5 of One Direction, takes it too far by daring Harry Styles to date Louis Tomlinson. Crazy right? Will Louis figure out that this is all just a joke?
Free_Strings Free_Strings 2 years ago
AHHAHAHA THE TAMPON DARE WAS HILARIOUS! and I lovved that part that said "No bad Harry, you don't want to know that" ahhhahahahahahaha, love it, will keep reading :)
liamoverboard liamoverboard 2 years ago
Omg I love it! This is soooo good! LOL THE TAMPON :'D
You did an amazing job!
plaidshirtblues plaidshirtblues 2 years ago
......Zayn what a dare you planned.
Louis, naughty boy.
Voted! :D
LaurenWeiss LaurenWeiss 2 years ago
i .......... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 GO LARRY STYLINSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lickmelarry lickmelarry 2 years ago
@ForeverLovinOneD Sure thing! Would you mind reading mine?(:
lickmelarry lickmelarry 2 years ago
I love it! And I love how you started the story with Truth or Dare. Very original :) Moving on to Chapter 2! Keep up the good work(;