Elan Vital

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_CodySutton By _CodySutton Updated 2 years ago
If you were to have asked me a few months ago, if I thought that super powers were real, I would have laughed in your face. The idea of someone running around protecting the innocent belonged in the mind of a small child, not someone like me. These past few months have really opened my eyes. I've seen things that most people will probably never have to experience in there wildest dreams, choices and decisions I've made have affected the lives of thousands.

I'm no longer as naive as I use to be...
The truth is, people with these special powers do exist, I know this because, I am one of them. It's not all fun and games, I can't fly, I don't have super strength, I don't drive a fancy car. Instead I'm stuck in the middle of a war that's been raging in secret for years and I'm the stuck picking a side.

I'm not popular, I'm not cool, and I'm not a hero

My name is Mike and this is my story.
SamPilot SamPilot 2 years ago
This prologue has a great summary... is short but it gives you the most and presise descriptions. I have voted!