[The Ideal Life]

Mothered your jōnin superiors? Check. Fought a battle that could change your clan history? Check. Fallen in love with aforementioned jōnin superiors (and vice versa)? Che- wait, WHAT?! » Sequel to [Mother of Who?!] « // » Kakashi x Reader x OC «
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I like it! :) You should update more because I bet many of us readers are DYING to know what's next. ^^
OMG, you've got to update this! This is like the second best story next to 'In Naruto?!'
Very amazeballs! I freaking thought that Kakashi slapped her arse was hilarious!XD hope you update soon. :)
Please hurry and write morrrrrreeeeeee!
I lovez it sooooooo much
Kaka-san is hot!
Omg this story is so epic sause!!!!! 
Please countinue when you get time to!!!!!!
Ah! I loved the original story and I love the sequel too! Please update soon :D I still can't believe Kakashi slapped her ass though xD hilarious!

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