Purrfectly Impurrfect (Sasuke Love Story)

A story about a cat, the last of her kind, falling in love with an Uchiha, the last of his kind. But, as she grows up and he leaves for Orochimaru, things take a beautifully nasty turn. {In the process of editing♡}
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Wait shouldn't she be 14 since in the last chapter she was basically turning 7 in a week?
some parts were q little confusing, a little upset you didn't describe the girl or give her a name. It was OK though.
actually its jot 'doublegangers'? what evervu call that stuff the correct word for that is 'shadow clone'
what a school...people throw kunais around freely~~ remind me never to go there ^^
I really like your sister check mine out plez its a sasuke love story as well.sakura's sister
I update frequently too
@JoelleIsDead Okay, but I'll do it tommorow, I'm going to sleep now.... If I can.

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