Purrfectly Impurrfect (Sasuke Love Story)

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JoelleEatYourHeartOut By EllieElysium Updated 2 years ago
A story about a cat, the last of her kind, falling in love with an Uchiha, the last of his kind. But, as she grows up and he leaves for Orochimaru, things take a beautifully nasty turn. {In the process of editing♡}
A. That's exactly what I was thinking.
                                    B. Your profile pic is the best thing ever.
Idk why do people say that there's only 1 uchiha when there's 4 or 5 still alive??? But I ship it to ^-^
Because when your whole clan is wiped out your obviously happy about it
The picture seems to say that you are finely sculpted in the chest department. And your background sounds like narutos
Omg, this is making me cry tears, tears of knowing I'm reading a good book.
I'm sorry, not to be rude or anything, but you said she was 4 or 5, right. I'm just having some trouble seeing a 4 year old doing all this...