Hide and Seek

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_brokenarrow_ By _brokenarrow_ Updated 2 years ago
"I used to have imaginary friends, and I loved them. Little did I know it would become an endless game of hide and seek."

[cover made by fluffypiggles]
BeckieDave BeckieDave 2 years ago
If this is just the prologue I cant wait to read wat comes next!
elektrik_sum elektrik_sum 2 years ago
Wow, so glad I stumbled upon this, it looks hauntigly amazing!
JensenAcklesLuver JensenAcklesLuver 2 years ago
This was interesting. I like the idea of imaginary friends gone wrong, it's incredibly original. Good job portraying how her love for her friends turned into a rather intense fear.
KendrickSupnet KendrickSupnet 2 years ago
Aww...that was a very nice read. They're ghost? Well, I think..

I never saw errors or even mistakes. Which makes me read it until the end of the chapter. Now I read the first chapter..better read the next one tomorrow or the other days..
De2ire De2ire 2 years ago
The first sentence is what really hooked me to keep reading. great work.
Bitterdreamer Bitterdreamer 2 years ago
This is so good!!! I really like the story line, keep the good work!