I FakeD That Smile ( Book two Completed)

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Mel By khassal Completed
This is the sequel to I FAKE THAT SMILE, Sheena and Damon has been through so much, can things possibly get any worse?? read on to find out more! Entered for  the Special Award!
how can it be the sequel to i fake that smile if its called i fake that smile? :)
great book..cant put it down....hope you get to upload a few more pages...
You really need an editor and a better outline for the story.  There are too many 'wild' turns that don't make sense and the characterisations are not very strong and they keep changing dimension.  Get yourself an editor!  All good writers have them and it shows because their work is good.
I found and read the whole prequel to this story today and can't wait for the next chapter.
OMG!!!!  You have me almost in tears.. u feel so bad for her :( I hope she gets back with damon.. ugh I hate that she has to go though so much just to be happy.. well I'll be waiting for the next chapter please upload soon!  Xoxo Liz :)
Yay! I really hope sheena can call Damon because it depresses me that they're not together:( I really hope the family dies -.- It kills me that they screwed up her life from the get go and now that she's happy, they come in and re-screw it up.