Friends, Fight, Love? (Fred Weasley Love Story) (EDITING)

Juliet Knight is a petite girl with long wavy brown hair and brown eyes who befriends the twins and Lee Jordan. She finds that she loves being friends with the guys but she feel strongly towards one of the twins. She doesn't know what to do about it. Does she tell the twin that she likes, that she likes him? Or does she just brush it away because she is too scared to tell him. All she wants is just to be happy with her firends but things turn awry when she finds out who her father is. Can she keep her secret from spreading across the school or does she fail in keeping her secret and get shunned from the rest of the students?
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It's really good!!! Sometimes you switch between the present and past tense though. Don't worry loads of people do that, just thought you should know
awwww, it is sad tht J K Rowling never talked about the twins in their first year, just the second :(
This is a lot like the spell that they used for the awakening episode in charmed juliet also has the same powers but I can't blame you charmed is amazing
Looks good. Just what I was looking for. But maybe you could like use different words and stuff? But it's still good!
Good! The tree thing was cute, and I thought the poem was actually really good I'm bad at writing things like that lol
It's was good but for later on the password to the marauders map is I                                       I solemnly swear that I am up to no good 

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