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MidnightGalxXx By MidnightGalxXx Updated 2 years ago
Life for Rose Wulf has gotten a lot worse, her should-be mate Marc murdered Victor, the vampire who cared for her deeply, her father Greg, Alpha of her pack, isn't really her father. She has been rejected, hurt and lied to by those she once held dear and loved. Now Rose is in the company of her real father, Lucifer but she doesn't know what he plans to do with her old pack, her family. War is on the horizon between the wolves and the vampires and Rose is experiencing new powers as her eighteenth birthday draws closer. Will Rose see the truth in order to save them? Or will she side with the Darkness that is her father?
HallStorm HallStorm 2 years ago
Awwww Marc tried to save her I dont think she should leave her pack or Marc!
Pandasloveromance2 Pandasloveromance2 2 years ago
Love the storie... I'm so happy that you made a sequAl of if!!! You are a amazing writer!
WhiteRose1 WhiteRose1 2 years ago
Wen will u finish the sequel. im really hooked on this book.
BryanVandiver BryanVandiver 2 years ago
@words8rain wow I agree with u but u really hate Marc don't u
KeiDelaney KeiDelaney 2 years ago
Wow! Already got me wishing I could sleep, but begging to keep reading!! LOVE IT!!!!! I hope she breaks the bond and Marc's horrible little heart with it!!!!!! 
PS: Totally love the title :) Its like, 'Whoa! how cool!' with a mix of 'Ooooh! I want to know more!' and a slight hint of poetry! LOL!
_Vindr_ _Vindr_ 2 years ago
This is brilliant! I love it! Though I hate it too! No bond breaking! Hell nooooo!