Anorexia. It's not just a disorder. It's the way of life. The path that will change you, forever.
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this is true and many people go through it hell i know 3 people including me who go through it and many more that i dont even know
You are not alone. If you ever need to talk, PM me. I know what you are going through.
this is an author's note???? if so... STAY STRONG! If not, I feel foolish, if it is WATTPAD LOVES YOU!!!!
@MrsStyles143xx you can't just "think about becoming anorexic" it is a mental disorder that is about a lot more than being thin or pretty.
I am still thinking of being anorexic. I hate people calling me fat. I just can't take it anymore. I'm so screwed up :/ It's already too late for me.
Stay strong in your heart and send me a comment if you need to talk or are struggling :) good luck and i wish you the best for the future

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