Deadly Gorgeous Beauty

I'm just a supernaturally powered girl trying to live an ordinary human life. That ordinary human life is shattered when i meet this gorgeous vampire beauty by the name Jake Launcifer who sweeps me off my feet. Little do I know that by allowing him into my life. I'm making it turn into a deadly life filled with danger everywhere as i have to fight other supernatural beings just to protect him and his kind.
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Lol twelve pack? Hahah he must be a god or something xD Same story here, spell out numerals when writing. Reading on...
I feel as if something bad is going to happen to her, because of how concieted she is and teach her a lesson. Possibly?:D
loving the supernatural vibe cuz i am a fan of the vampires and witches and all that xD i think it is good but there are some mistakes in there ;) x
nice chapter and so far im really liking jake cause now shes looking at someone the way people look at her
this is really good and i like the whole thing were no one lives a perfect life because its true and its makes the story more real
I love that she finds someone that she drools over, inside if the other way around! Finally!

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