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_MSkippa By _MSkippa Updated a year ago
'i don't need a man to make me feel good' has always been Amber Lee Parkers moto and why not, she's got every thing any average working 24 yearold woman would want, an average apartement and a great job as a personal assistant in one of the most reknowned corparations in the world! But unlike her counterparts, she's tied down with a great responsibility that even the thought of living the life makes it impossible to breath.
until she gets her big break when she's recruited to be the PA of the most devilishly handsome and notorius bachlors in the big apple, the managing director of Fleming corparations, Caleb Fleming. Not only does she find out that his just as devious and egoistic as the tabloids say he is but also finds out theres more to this golden eyed cassanova and find a way to control her growing feeling before it's too late..... after all their like Venus and Mars.... their worlds apart.
summajoy summajoy 2 years ago
wooooooooow what a way to start loll....LOVE got my vote:D
BlueJupiter BlueJupiter 2 years ago
omg i read a manga like this story! was this based on the manga midnight secretary
Zisces_Clegg Zisces_Clegg 2 years ago
I hate Caleb too. Dudes a prick! But I am in love with this story :)