In Your Shadow (Watty Awards 2013 Finalist) [Completed]

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mystifique By mystifique Completed
"You're the sun and I'm the moon, in your shadow I can shine." 

After Light is kidnapped on her way home, darkness falls and wraps her tightly, almost making her choke. With no shining sun to give her energy and strength, it gets harder to move through the obscurity. As time goes by, she becomes powerless; she is forlorn. 

Breathing itself is a danger; and to make things worse, she isn't sharing that suffering alone. 

Unexpected murders, a nightmare, and a desperate cry pleading for vengeance. Two teens living for a life, whose aim is to get revenge against their kidnappers. They need to survive to make it.

If only they knew what their fate saved to them... 

* * *

This book has been inspired by the song In Your Shadow (Tokio Hotel); has been compared to Romeo and Juliet. 


* * *

Divine cover made by ArtiePants. 

(Watty Awards 2012 Finalist)
lkrice lkrice 10 months ago
Wow! A twist already! I'm ready to read on and find out what happens. Great opening. :-) Shouldn't the title say 2012 award winner rather than 2014?   :-)LouAnn :-)
readerchick70 readerchick70 a year ago
I'm not trying to be mean but I feel add if this was a huge disappointment. I expected more from the book. However, it's your book and I just may not understand the book completely.
Oh my gosh, awesome cover, awesome description and you add an awesome quote from Hugo? Who wouldn't read on?
BlindFindings BlindFindings a year ago
I LOVE TOKIYO HOTEL!!!!! What other KPop songs do you fancy?