The Attic

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_ashesnoel By _ashesnoel Updated 11 months ago
All her life, Layla's mother had warned her to stay away from the attic. Her cryptic warnings never told Layla the reason why, and only succeeded in causing her fascination to grow. But still, ever the obedient daughter, Layla heeded her mother's advice, and stayed away.

But after her mother's tragic death, Layla finds the pull to the attic even stronger than before. After entering one night in search of answers, she begins to understand just what darkness her mother was warning her of.

But once you've entered the attic, once you've allowed the darkness to take hold, can you possibly break free?
MommaShern MommaShern a year ago
Omg I am so bummed I cannot find the sequel!!!! Amazing story!!! Please don't stop here!
BamaMBuckner BamaMBuckner 2 years ago
Great story. Keeps you very engaged. Though maybe the passion needs to be turned up a little bit??? All in all I'd recommend it. You should write longer stories. I'd buy something off the shelf from you. A+
QaziFaisal QaziFaisal 2 years ago
so far so good got up to the point where she finds the gold key cant wait to see what happens next.
QaziFaisal QaziFaisal 2 years ago
well you need more stories like this. if you write more stories like this i will read more of your work.
LaylaGrier LaylaGrier 2 years ago
Omg so i looked at this coz the title was cool right. Then i added it because the main charecters name is my name and its spelt the same. And it looks REALLY GOOD!!!!
DarkGirl002 DarkGirl002 2 years ago
I like the plot and all, its reall nice , but did u hav to put her mothers death ? I dont like deaths alot though I sometimes feel likr killin ! lol