Love In Less Than 140 Characters [Book One Of The Creeper Series]

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_HasiiAni By _HasiiAni Updated 2 years ago
Previously known as : Mr. Creeper

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If someone you didn't know tweeted you that, what would you do?  A mystery tweeter tweets Hassani but it doesn't stop there. He starts following her on other networks and is somehow connected to her leading crush in school. Find out Hassani's journey to find the mystery tweeter and maybe, just maybe, fall for him.
qwerasdf234 qwerasdf234 2 years ago
I am not trying to be rude but, u make the Hasani girl, look like the creeper. I mean she is the one stalking him, wants to now more about him???????? u should probably fix you're summary.
FallonRen01 FallonRen01 2 years ago
I really don't get why it's called creeper , If someone called you pretty don't you say thank you...? Not get overwhelmed? Other than that, good book.
pottervevo pottervevo 2 years ago
your prologue is good, but its creepy, i mean now i feel someone is watching me :(
i hope i don't get nightmares............
Jemmaleena Jemmaleena 2 years ago
A good start...and it's wierd that i read this now because my friend just said that someone retweeted all her tweets from last night and she had never heard of him lol :D
redvelvetcat redvelvetcat 2 years ago
I like stories like this. Though I would completely freak out if it was someone stalking me or something freaky like that...:D Voted!
XxXSanaXxX XxXSanaXxX 2 years ago
Hey haven't read ur book yet but voted coz the blurb is really interesting and looking forward to read it! Also I'm on twitter u tweeted me @MissHussainxx