Picture This... (Lilo)

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It's Louis Tomlinson's last year of college before he's off to uni, & he's determined to go out with a bang. More importantly, he's determined to get Liam Payne, the boy he's been crushing on since the beginning of time itself, to finally notice him.

Everything always tends to sound rather appealing at three in the morning though, doesn't it? 

Sure he wanted Liam to acknowledge him, maybe even make out with him a bit, but he never anticipated that in order to do so he'd have to face his fears & finally stand up for what he wants, even if it meant facing the wrath of the unfairly gorgeous and extremely evil Zayn Malik (aka Liam's boyfriend).

Louis didn't sign up for any of this, but it's all just a learning experience in the end isn't it? And, he thinks, as long as he's got his best mates by his side (especially Niall since he could do with as much Irish luck as possible), he just might be able to do anything.

With a bit of persuasion of course...
do not listen to the hate!! you are an amazing writer, even though I haven't seen the movie. but anyways, don't take this or the sequel down! keep writing!!
you amazing!!!!! love your story and I never saw the movie, so to me it feel like u made this with ur imagination
Hey don't listen to the hate, this is one of my favorites! I absolutely fell in love with this story the first chapter!
the story is amazing!! I started it not long ago and finished and I started the reckless and the brave but its on hold and I really want you to continue it.. your an amazing writer and I hope your gonna get back to writing the reckless and the brave..
Well, I do like this story. Very much in fact that I have thrown my device across the room more than once (seven times) out of mere overwhelming feelings. Okay bye.
Hells yea. She in the right! Talking about person under me..