Second Chance Romance (Southern Nights) Completed

At eighteen years of age Jade thought she had found the one man she would spend the rest of her life with, Austin Giles. He was her childhood friend and high school sweetheart. He was perfect... or so she thought. On a typical hot southern, summer afternoon she made the mistake of walking in on him with another woman and found them in a compromising position. In a matter of minutes, her easy-going, perfect world came crashing down. Heart broken and destroyed, Jade left her home town determined to make her own way. It wasn't until five years later she received a call that would turn her new life upside down. Her father, the same father that turned his back on her all those years ago had passed away. Now that she is forced to go back home and settle his affairs, how will she handle seeing Austin once again? Can she protect her heart any better this go round or will she relive the same mistakes and lose it all again.
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Austin you lost your chance, accept that and try to be faithful if you got some another love but for Jade ,Oliver deserves her more
Lol it was pretty obvious that she's his daughter.. She probably went to tell him about it when she caught him in bed with another girl
Hey guys I just started writing a book :D it would be awesome if everyone could go give it a read. Thanks! Xx
I officially love this girl she's so sweet but if u get on her bad side she's the devil
Yeah u go girl but I would start cursing him out until I was banned from that place lol
At least try to talk to her her daughters in the room so she's not going to curse you out better to try and fail then to not try and never know

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