After the death of her mother, Aria moves to a different state to start a new life. With an apartment that is falling apart and a job with little money, she struggles to cope. Her friend and co-worker, Paige, asks her to accompany her to a night club. Unsure, Aria decides to go anyway. In the rough areas of downtown, the night club Eternity is situated in a dark alley way. Once Aria and Paige arrive, Aria starts to relax. However, after only being in the club for an hour a gang burst in. Pale skin, sharp teeth and red eyes, Aria runs for her life away from these creatures. Will she escape or will she fall prey to the vampire's whisper?
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Great prologue :D the story is quite hooking and i felt sad of the fact that her mom died :( anyways nice plot and hope u do gud :)
This is a very interesting prologue
The final sentence was very hooking and imagery was great
Overall it's really good as a start(:
i love how descriptive your story is! it really gives it more character. and the hanging suspense is awesome! :) voted :D
Oh My poor Aria that would be really hard to cope with! I did enjoy this and cant wait for you to upload
Wow, great job!  Im really tired right now, so my comment isn't as long )or coherent) as it should be, but looking forward to the next chapter!
Wow I can't wait to read more! :D it's wonderfully written I'd love to find out what happens next!!

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