Who needs Luck? (1D FanFiction) Sequel to Your Good Luck Charm

The Sequel to Your Good luck charm, What really happened over that Summer? What is Lucy hiding? Something changed, something big. But unknown to all, something far, far worse is about to happen to all of them. To someone they love dearly.
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By the way, I really love your story
yay! part two!!! when Lucy left niall better have not started a relationship with the slut named Cleo
I hope this says how she got the nick name lucky!! I've been waiting so long to know!! Love the first part!
What chapter there isn't any words derrrrrrrrr! I'm fifteen think I know a lot more than u 
yes!! Just a few minutes ago, I just finish to read your book your good luck charm. gosh!! what happen?? i really want to know!! ILOVEYOU!
I love this story. Honestly, I think it's one of my favourites! I hated the part when Hannah died. Fanned! <3

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