Wake Me Up With A Love Song( A Nouis One Direction Fanfic)

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_DogsAreCool231 By _DogsAreCool231 Updated 2 years ago
Niall is always the quite and shy one, or at least that what the fans think, Fans always like to pick on him because hes "not a good singer" or "shouldnt be in the band" and it starts to tear him apart inside, he feels like he cant turn to anyone with theses problems so he finds....an unhealthy way to deal with them himself, once Louis finds out about Niall and his problems he is heart broken becuase he has always cared for niall alot, maybe even more then he should, and wants to help his friends, but when he becomes to attached to Niall he begins to run with fear that he might have feelings for him, Harry find a girl that wants absolute nothing to do with him, and he thinks hes in love with her, he has to fight his hardest to win her, but once theirs a few slip ups, will he win the girl? Zayn is always the fun and happy guy but once his girlfriend of 2 years leaves him, hes broken. Not the same and has to figure out just why she doesn't wanna be with him, and Liam could be in love, but has to hide it from all of his boys
(Hiya, yes there will be sexual context in here, there will be BoyXBoy and also stright things, i cruse, and yeah PG_13)
PaulineJacobs PaulineJacobs 2 years ago
IT'S REAAALLY GOOD ! & it's all true , i mean come'on who would hate Nialler he's like the cutest, sweetest, funniest , beautifulst thing in the world....on the planet...in the entire universum & he's irish ;)) !! PS Your a good writer !! xxxxx
CourtneyMalik3 CourtneyMalik3 2 years ago
@nialls_nandos99  omg! lol she did hehehehe... anyways love this book sooooooo much its absolutly briLIAM
nialls_nandos99 nialls_nandos99 2 years ago
this story is really good :D btw i love how you wrote virgina instead of virginia :P