The Iron-Bound

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"This is a tale about a man who wasn't afraid to die and woman who wasn't afraid to live." - Anonymous. 

Astrid Solomon is a young psychologist who, after only working for her company for a year, is already showing a flare for getting into peoples heads. When her boss notices this and he sends her out to his most persistent and disturbing client, life for Astrid will never be the same again. 

It just so happens her client lives in the taboo town of Mendax -a city shrouded in mystery, secrecy and horror stories. Everyone knows the people who live there are all some kind of crazy but, the one question no one was ever brave enough to answer is why? 

Well, one young woman was about to find out.
©SRT. 2012
StephyWrites StephyWrites 2 years ago
This was great, very intriguing. You have really good detail and the story flows smoothly. I can see you have quite a bit of talent with writing. Keep up the great work. Got my vote! :)
xPureChances xPureChances 2 years ago
So this chapter sure did pack some great details. Especially at the start. Your ways of words is really good and sound really professional. I can see some potential with this story. It really caught my attention.
st1v3rs0n st1v3rs0n 2 years ago
Great start.  I love fantasies, and this one certainly caught my attention.  It flows well, and the detail you supplied was great.  You've created an excellent world.
TheCaramelFactory TheCaramelFactory 2 years ago
this isn't usually my kind of read, but it's pretty good :/ 
And the last line's reallyy funny :P
HiddlestonGirl HiddlestonGirl 2 years ago
Wow! Not the kind of story I would normally read, but hell I like this :) You might want to describe the characters more, so it would be easier for readers to imagine the people in your story :) And I looooove your cast :) good job!  reading on and adding to my reading list :)
janefoxx janefoxx 2 years ago
Okay, that was interesting, but I noticed that your paragraphs are kind of long so I suggest that you divide them into two. The last one on the first page especially.