Mate and Murder

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_sharky79 By _sharky79 Updated a year ago
Allie, and her twin brother Luke live in the small town of Scarville. It's a secret place for their pack only. That changes though when a neighboring pack joins theirs, and with it comes Allie's mate Daniel, the city boy from Atlanta. They fall helplessly in love oblivious to the fact that there's someone else who loves Allie. Someone who is willing to torture and kill her entire family to get her to see that.

AlyDreams AlyDreams a year ago
I just wanted to tell you that if you complain to wattpad about stories being deleted or out of order they'll restore them. Ive done it before XD
soila_bean soila_bean a year ago
good reading so far
 keeps my attention. I love the visual picture you paint.
ronikka ronikka 2 years ago
iike this u have a good description i like PLASE READ MY STORY
purtygurlz101 purtygurlz101 2 years ago
I liked it :) It's descriptive and interesting. 

I love your cover as well.
Sophxo Sophxo 2 years ago
I love thriller and werewolf books so this was great! There was a heap of description and it was a great length, reading on... voted!
fruitcup8 fruitcup8 2 years ago
Oh my gosh! Why hasn't this story gotten more reads! I have only read the first chapter, but this so well developed! Look forward to more comments and votes because you have my attention!!! Good grammar and spelling, which I focus on a lot-even though my story has a lot of mistakes! Good job!