Injection [Watty Awards 2012]

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Kara_writes By Kara_writes Completed
[First Draft Only - There May Be Errors] [Watty Awards Finalist in Science Fiction [On the Rise] and Most Imaginative Setting]

The world has been corroded by a life-threatening infection that destroys all human life it can get its hand on. Brought up to deal with the tough realities of the disease, Talyn Foster loathes the rules and regulations set out for her own safety. 

The Infection has three stages: the common cold-like stage, the superhuman stage, and finally, the dying stage. A new drug for the Infection has surfaced on the markets, where Scientists have managed to isolate the 'Superhuman' stage, where the victim’s senses are increased: You're faster, stronger and smarter.

But there's only one catch: the drug needs to be tested before it can be distributed to the city's residence. And Talyn just happens to be in the firing line.
I've been saying it Tay-leen this entire time. I've always been really bad at pronouncing things, especially names. Haha.
I love it already!! Those girls should probably turn and run... Who cares if he attacks? They sound tough!!! I would run!!!!!!!
Talon is my favorite name ever! Except u spelt it different.
I'm really looking forward to getting into this story! The syntax is utterly beautiful, and this first chapter was just sheer joy to read. You're extremely talented at writing!
Wow is so good! The descriptions are amazing and the story very catchy! <3
Really good stuff! Please check out my work, "They Call Me Defiant" if you like the dystopia/dystopian genre :)