Arial's life seems to be on a downward spiral. Her mother's health is declining yet she still continues to turn to alcohol; Arial's home is under foreclose and the majority their assets have been seized by the bank, penniless and with no where to turn they decide to contact Abrial's estranged Aunt Helena. Helena proposes that Arial and her mother move into her estate in a small northern surf town. There she meets Ash, a big wave surfer with an even bigger heart and Misty, the fisherman's daughter who just so happens to be a near spiting image of Arial. Will Arial be able to uncover the truth behind her aunt and her mother's fall out, and how dose Misty fit into the picture? And will Arial be able to let go of her fears and fall in love? Find out in this compelling romantic mystery.
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Interesting, well because I'm bored and this sounds pretty good, I'll keep reading :)
This is very realistic and I love your dialogues! Nice job! Your plot and storyline are great so far :)
I'm not usually into teen fiction, but this one is pretty good :) I like your dialogue, probably your strong point :)
I really like it! Super descriptive;) I really have no critiscm! Great job, I'll definetely read more!
This is an interesting story. I haven't read anything like this so I tend to keep reading and see what else you come up with(: Keep up the good work!
wow I really like this:D I love your descriptions and your writing style is amazing:D I really love where this is going and I can't wait to read more:D Voted:D

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