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(Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi FanFiction) Yugi and Heba's town was attacked in a raid when they were 10, their parents were murdered and the town was destroyed. They were turned into slaves and when they were 17 they were taken to the palace to become pleasure slaves. But because they were the grandsons of Shimon the Palace adviser they were released. Being tormented throughout the years though had made them traumatized to the point where they don't know anything but how to obey and be a slave. Can prince Yami and Prince Atemu save them from their dark abyss? Disclaimers: I do not own Yugioh, art on my cover belongs to original owner.
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Oh no thats horrible!!! Update soon I have to know what happens! Poor Yugi and Heba...
Great chapter, can't wait to see what Yami and Atem do to help Yugi and Heba to be them self's again.
Oh my gosh!!! I wanna cry! They need to he together again!! I can't wait for the next update!!
when do Yugi and Heba see each other again and when do they see Yami and Atemu again?
@inuvampirechan That just made my day XD (still laughing head off from that conversation)
@inuvampirechan Just don't kill Yugi and Heba off and I'll be good lol (although it would kinda bring the story to a really quick ending if you killed them XD)

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