Speak For Me - [H.S.]

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"But Bailey you need to promise me."

I pulled my head back and looked at her. 

"Promise what?"

"That you'll never let someone's death take over your life. That you'll never let it take your life. No matter if it's my death far in the future or an unexpected death in only a few months. Okay?"

I nodded, "I promise, Sara."
~ ~ ~
Bailey broke her promise to her older sister. Deaths changed her life and left her mute. All hopes and dreams gone as disorders controlled her life. She thought life had been getting better, years later. That she might be able to live her life okay like this. 
Until she met him.

Harry Styles. A singer in One Direction who's "spiraling out of control." When everything starts to seem hopeless for him, he meets somebody who he thought would change his life for the better.
Bumpy roads may be in the way, but in the end.
He was right.

Follow their journey and learn of Bailey's past in, Speak For Me.
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