The Kissing List

Sophomore, Marnie Hill has never been kissed. No, she's not a dork with terrible acne that has no social life. In fact, she's the opposite. She may not be an A-Lister, but she's a B-Lister, and that's the next best thing. Though Marnie isn't ugly, she's never been interested in the term 'boy'. When Marnie all her life is teased about never having boyfriends and never being kissed, she finally decides she's had enough. To prove Marnie can get any boy she wants and can kiss them, she must kiss the ten boys on the kiss list her friends have prepared. Will Marnie be successful and kiss all ten boys or will it be harder than she thought? Or will her emotions catch up to her?
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I like the plot of this story also the beginning chapter really sets the book. Great job!!! Can't wait to read it!!!
people can definitely relate and it's rather interesting but not a complete catch.  Great Job though! :)
Wow... Francisco Lachowski, Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman & Drew Roy! You Are On A Roll. ;)
@par4dise wow. why do people even do these things? Well I just wanted to make sure you knew :)
@par4dise well I already commented to her about it and when I searched for her story, the link was disabled or whatever. Hopefully it means she's taken it down.
I am in love! The title, the plot, the cover is just perfection! Can't wait until the latest update! (≧◡≦) 

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