Am I in love? (Zayn Malik fan fiction)

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Sophia hates Zayn Malik, a jerk from her school. She is in the same english class as him. He also lives right next to her. She hates everything about him. Her mom and zayns mom are best friend and make plans to go to on a road trip. Sophia was up for it until she found out the road trip was with Zayn. Zayn and her are in the same car taking care of their siblings. Will they end up loving each other? Will they deal with each other during this road trip? Read to find out what happens!!!!! Vote and become a fan also! (: comment! Tell me what you think! (:
Wait I also wrote a book similar to you.... 
                                    When ever you go through your books... Like others why aren't there comments where your comment box is placed. I don't have them in my book!
I very rarely wear a dress.Never would i wear one to school.I wear jeans and a tshirt to school.Sometimes a dressier shirt but that's as dressed up as I get.
if she is getting that dressed up for school, I wonder what she would wear to prison...
Pls read my book its my first one i really need a reason to live in this world 
because Zayn means beautiful and Malik means king (in Arabic ) so He's a Beautiful King.
Ypu guys hating already?! Enjoy the book! Its a good one to, TRUST me! 5 time reading it XD