A woman in the kitchen can make more than just a sandwich.
Calumsdaughter14 Calumsdaughter14 17 days ago
Omg that's was freakin awesome best story I have ever read in my life amazing job major props to u
AudreyPolaris AudreyPolaris 2 months ago
Yeah but the story would be better if it was specified. There doesn't have to be a long description or anything, but assumptions don't really work in this kinda scenario, u know?
RockNRollCanNeverDie RockNRollCanNeverDie 2 months ago
you might as well assume emotionless and placid it seems to fit the feel of it eh?
AudreyPolaris AudreyPolaris 3 months ago
Amazing story XD the kind of legend I tell my friends at the lunch table. Very creative, how she turns on the drain dispenser with his hand down the drain! I couldn't eat after reading this haha
AudreyPolaris AudreyPolaris 3 months ago
Oh she's still standing there. Well you may want to mention her reaction and stuff... Is she standing there smiling, or maybe she's emotionless and placid...
AudreyPolaris AudreyPolaris 3 months ago
Make sure to mention him screaming in pain! This is making my stomach turn XD